Objective of the Courses

Objectives of the B.Ed. Course

  • To enable the students teacher to understand about the relationship between Philosophy and education and implications of philosophy on education.
  • To enable trainee teacher to acquire knowledge and understanding of stages of human development task with special reference to adolescent learners.
  • To enable the student teacher to develop the skill necessary to compute important statistical estimates and interpret the test scores by applying them.
  • To enable the student teacher to understand that development of Education influenced by Socio-Political forces of the time.
  • To enable the student teacher to know the present structure and curriculum of secondary and higher secondary education in Maharashtra.
  • To enable the students to understand and to master the teaching skills of different teaching methods.


Objectives of the M.Ed. Course

  • To Prepare professional personnel required to staff College of Education at Pre-primary, primary and secondary levels
  • To prepare professional administrators and supervisors for position of responsibility in educational institutions such as Departments of Education.
  • To Prepare persons for various psychological services such as psychological testing, personal, educational and vocational guidance, statistical services with an educational orientation.
  • To prepare persons for participation in programmes of Examination reforms and educational evaluation.
  • To prepare persons for organising curriculum, development and preparation of instructional materials.
  • To prepare personal through systematic study and research that will contribute to the development of education literature and to the growth of educational discipline.


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The college is providing training to school teachers to enhance their personality traits their teaching skills, academic achievements, professional efficiency, high intelligence, citizenship & enlightened living.

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