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Academy for Research & Professional Development

The Academy for Research and Professional Development within the College was formed in Dec.2005. All faculty and Staff within the college are members of the Academy. The Primary goal of the Academy is to facilitate collaborative activities among its members, encouragement of group for cross-disciplinary research projects for professional Development. It offers outstanding opportunities for students and faculty through its strong commitment to excellence in research, teaching & service. Our Academy works in the direction of building the base of research in our trainee teachers and enhancing the research skill of our Teacher Educators. The Academy seeks to promote a thriving intellectual community, recognized for the highest quality research and scholarly contributions in the field of education.


The mission of the Academy of Research and Professional Development is to develop human capacity- cognitively, socially, Emotionally & Physically in our students and ultimately, in the society they serve. The college faculty contributes to achieving the mission by expanding knowledge through research, publication & service. The faculty, staff & student work in a supportive & caring Environment focused on worthwhile & appropriate knowledge & skills in their teaching, research & services. The colleges scientifically designed curriculum organization program is flexible as it responds to a dynamic evolving world.


Research in Education help in providing useful and dependable knowledge through which the process of education can be made more effective. We strive to develop a learning community that can cop-up with the fast changing technological driven society of 21st century. Our Academy for Research and Professional Development has emerged with a vision of: -

  • Developing research aptitude and problem solving ability in our students as well as In teacher Educators.
  • To collaborate with regions public schools & community colleges to develop career pathways and create well prepared work force for 21st Century.

Our Academy aims to achieve the following goals.

  • To promote and integrate research based activity as well as research experiences in undergraduate programs.
  • To make significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge concerning educational theory and practice in curriculum, instruction and supervision, and related disciplines through research.
  • To design learner centered instructions and promote ethical standards of the profession.
  • Expanding research and other professional development opportunities for faculty and students.
  • To offer mentoring opportunities for new faculty.
  • To develop teaching skills of our students and innovative attitude of our Teacher Educators.
  • To assess student learning and program out comes as a basis for continuing improvement.
  • To integrate current technology and applications in the curriculum.
  • To provide opportunities for professional development and life long learning for all.
  • Developing initiatives to improve the performance and effectiveness of schools.
Research Activities

Our Academy has made the provision of various National International research journals, Research review magazines, Monographs, books, encyclopedias etc. to promote advance studies & research in education.

Some of the major areas of research projects of our academy are: -

  • Ways to promote Education for all.
  • Women empowerment
  • Effective learning.
  • Teaching methods and classroom dynamics.
  • Curriculum development and design.
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Computerized school management and administration.
  • Educational leadership and school development.
  • Best Practices in middle schooling.
  • Integrative and interdisciplinary curricula.
  • New techniques of teaching etc.


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